Are you looking to attract new customers to your Restaurant?

In this article you’ll find the 6 strategies of marketing for Restaurants that you can’t miss if you want to be successful in your business, running at full capacity…

Restaurant Marketing strategies have changed. The advent of digital technology has radically transformed the business landscape of restaurants and their owners can no longer depend on traditional word of mouth to market their restaurants.

Most of the restaurants I’ve seen lately seem to be taking advantage of digital media and mobile technology.

While some of these restaurants are doing well, most have trouble making restaurant marketing strategies run their course.

However, considering the fierce competition and the 60% failure rate from the restaurant business, it is vital that your marketing strategy is not only correct, but first class.

Some weeks ago in the agency we conducted a thorough investigation of why some restaurants fail despite having excellent food, while others achieve fabulous results.

Research has revealed that being successful in the restaurant business goes way beyond cooking the tastiest dishes.

The success of any restaurant business is influenced by its marketing strategies, and that is why in this publication, I will highlight six tips for marketing restaurants using effective marketing strategies

1 – Be Social

We are in a very special age for food and the social media platforms are full of various images of delicacies that make most people spend some extra money. 

If you want the orders to arrive, you should take advantage of social media platforms to Promote your restaurant online. 

I recognize that there are tons of social media platforms, so here is my advice; When it comes to food, Instagram is king, Facebook is the queen and the rest are word games. 

The key to being social and generating profits is to post top-notch food images and video clips. 

If you do not know where to start, consider hiring a social media expert to provide you with valuable information … for example, us? (I had to take the opportunity of self-promotion!)

2 – Get a Website

Having a website for your restaurant business is the equivalent to having a food store in all parts of the world. If you want your restaurant to grow, then you should get a professional website.

A website opens up opportunities for a much larger consumer market. It makes it very easy for potential customers and even existing ones to find you and it’s a critical piece among restaurant marketing strategies.

I know you’re thinking that creating a website can be a lot of work, believe me, the reward is well worth it compared to the work.

3 – Hold Contests

Offering contests is a good way to spread the word about your restaurant.

One strategy that works very well is the hybrid “offline / online” contest … This simply means starting a contest at your physical restaurant that customers can share online.

I assure you that many customers who visit your restaurant have many followers on social networks, if they had a good experience, they will want to participate and offering a contest will definitely spread the word about your restaurant.

4 – Don’t leave Email Marketing behind

Email marketing is another vital strategy to effectively market your restaurant.

There are two ways to grow your email list: having customers fill out forms in person and having them fill out forms online …

Email marketing is a Efficient way to “tempt” your customers and make them come back, you can show new additions to your menu and other interesting offers.

However, email marketing can be tricky if it is not executed correctly, consult an expert to find the best email marketing strategy for your restaurant.

5 – Use Restaurant Apps

Several applications of restaurants and food such as Uber Eats have emerged over the years due to the popular demand of consumers who no longer have to go through boring directories or surf the web for long minutes to find a suitable place to eat or in this case order their preferred dish.

All they have to do these days is to install a food application that points them to the nearest restaurant.

Take advantage of this wave of mobile technology by partnering with food applications to make sure your restaurant appears on the list. Appearing in these food applications ensures that you do not lose potential customers…

6 – Take Advantage of the Power of Social Media Websites

Marketing in social networks is one of the most powerful tools for any company, putting your restaurant in front of thousands of potential customers and going beyond just knowing the brand; it also helps you obtain information about your target consumer.

Latest data reveals that restaurants are the most searched industry by consumers through both mobile applications and browsers. All current Restaurant Marketing strategies must take into account the impact of the Social Networks.

Making sure that you are present when your potential customers look for you is vital to attract new people to your Restaurant.

A Final Note on Marketing for Restaurants

Here we leave you with several restaurant marketing strategies to take your business to the next level … However, here are two points you should keep in mind:

The online success of your restaurant depends to a large extent on your offline performance; marketing will help you attract new customers, but success in your restaurant is making them come back

Work side by side with a professional marketing company to ensure the success of restaurant marketing.

Good luck with your business and don’t forget that execution is everything! If you need help with your Marketing strategy, we will be happy to advise you, contact us here!