It takes more than an exquisite meal to attract customers to your restaurant. Competing with businesses with large budgets for advertising and international chains is not easy  

Email Marketing for Restaurants is one of the proven tools to be most effective and with a better return on investment, on average restaurants can generate almost 10 times more return each month

In this post you will learn 4 Ways to Have More Customers with Email Marketing for Restaurants:

  1. Why coupons are not enough and what works even better
  2. How to have subscribers in your email list (Your own database)
  3. What content to write in your emails 
  4. How to start increasing your customers, starting today

And much more…

Shall we start? 

Why coupons are not enough and what works even better?

When choosing how to market, it seems natural to start with what hits the pockets of your subscribers.

For restaurants, this means coupons and limited-time specials: weekly specials, birthday specials, holiday specials, and so on …

Whilst coupons are a great way to provide a particular incentive for a visit to a restaurant, most restaurants are offering them.

What makes your restaurant really special?

You have unique selling points that other establishments do not have. Those points are what will bring customers back …

So consider what those points could be

  • Are your desserts prepared with a five star touch? 
  • Do you offer seating options that other places can not?
  • Does your chef have experience with exotic cuisines?
  • Does your restaurant offer a particular experience or ambiance etc?

That personal touch is what customers will return for. But they may not notice the uniqueness in their first visit, even if they do, they may forget you over time.

That’s where your email campaign comes into play. Sending emails regularly reminds customers that you are a good choice.

By highlighting your unique selling points in those emails, it shows how good an option it is … And with that, you can take the first impression of a customer and transform it into lasting loyalty.

This loyalty leads to return visits and referrals of new customers, reducing advertising costs in acquiring new customers … all this is possible with a good email marketing strategy for restaurants

How to have subscribers in your email list? (Your own database)

Your restaurant may have many wonderful qualities to advertise, but it will not help if you do not have an audience to reach …

Therefore, the email marketing campaign of your restaurant begins with the search of people to voluntarily provide their email address.

These people, called subscribers, will automatically sign up for your follow-up series and receive newsletters …

So, where and how can you find these people?

1) On your website

If you have a website, you’re already one step ahead! You already have a place where people who are interested in your restaurant can go. This is a perfect opportunity to present them with a registration form.

Explain that they will get more information and special offers sent by email exclusively to them and ask them to enter their email address.

As a restaurant, you must put your registration form in at least two places:

  • Your home page
  • Your menu page

(If you have several separate pages, it is even better to place the form in each of them)

2) In person at your restaurant

Many restaurants carry comment cards to their customers with the bill. Those cards can be a perfect place for an email registration.

Make sure to bring a pen with the card too, even before you even know if the customer is paying with a credit card.

This way, they can pass the time (while the server brings their change or runs their credit card) by registering on your email list!

One strategy that works very well is to offer a discount as a new subscriber by entering your email even before paying  

 3) When people make reservations

You don’t have to wait for customers to finish their meals before offering them to register their email… Actually, you don’t even have to wait for them to arrive at your restaurant …

Someone who makes a reservation is identifying themselves as a customer, someone especially interested in your restaurant (compared to, for example, someone who visits your website, but has not yet committed to go)

Simply put a registration form on your reservations page and if you make reservations by phone, keep a notebook near the phone or a spreadsheet on the computer for adresses.

You will want to import them to your subscriber list regularly, so they start receiving your emails as soon as possible …

What Content To Write in Your Emails?

So, you have your forms created, your audience is starting to grow and they are subscribing to your lists, so … what do you write in your emails?

There are different types of objectives for your emails, we classify them into 3 main categories:

1- Content to strengthen the relationship: These emails are used so that your audience begins to know more about your restaurant, the goal is to connect with them and earn their trust so that eventually, they decide to visit your Restaurant …

An example is these emails are

“Chef’s Comments” Here your Chef can make a personal introduction, tell anecdotes, the story behind a particular dish, narrate a day in life in the kitchen, among other things …

Reviews and Testimonials from other clients: this is quite simple, if you have testimonials and comments, share them and your audience will want to live their own experience too!

2- Periodic Offers: Have you seen how McDonalds has a special menu for each day? If your restaurant has something similar, this is an excellent reason to send emails with the day offer, literally, every day

People love receiving these offers, make sure to use photos! A photo is worth more than 1000 words, and for restaurants there can’t be a better option …

3- Limited-time offers:

Email Marketing is a perfect tool to carry out offers for a limited time.

You can send different emails, first announcing the offer so that your audience is ready, then announcing the start of the offer which can be accompanied by a coupon and then announcing that it is ending so that those interested can hurry to go for it!

Particularly, we like to make special offers for 4 days and they work wonders and the best thing is that you can absolutely automate the whole campaign

How to start attracting more customers with Email Marketing startingToday?

As we said at the beginning, Email Marketing is super economical in relation to the benefits it provides.

Professional Software like GetResponse  exists which aside from being economical, gives you 30 days so you can try it without paying anything …

You can open your own account here

… and if you need help to set up your campaigns, we will be happy to do so! You can contact our team by clicking here

I hope that this note will help you to start implementing the Email Marketing for Restaurants successfully, good luck!