Sharing information on social networks, or waiting for Google to give us a good ranking among its first results, no longer meets the objectives …

But… we have good news!

There are 4 very simple campaigns that anyone can do and that achieve fabulous results when it comes to attracting more clients to your Restaurant or hospitality business …

Let’s analyze each one!

Campaign 1: Advertise in Google with the name of your business

Usually in this niche, when people search for the name of your Restaurant on Google, it is because they have a clear intention to visit …

However, many times in the top positions of the results, even using the name of our business, social profiles or authority websites appear such as Tripadvisor, Zomato, Open Table etc.

These sites, although they can bring us the customers, are also going to suggest our competitors, so our would be customer could potentially end up changing their destination to a competitor …

On the contrary, if your ad appears first, you could direct those people, for example, to your reservations page or to the offers of that day and thus have total control over that opportunity

And as for the cost?

These type of ads usually cost very little money, really very little, something like $10 per month would be enough and the clicks you will get are of the highest quality given the level of “intention” of that traffic

Campaign 2: Video and Engagement Ads in Facebook

Facebook has many options when it comes to establishing the objectives of your campaign, and if there is one that you can never miss it is the “Engagement”…

This objective as indicated by its name will seek to show your ad to those people who usually engage more on Facebook posts … that is, leave comments, click on “like” and share frequently on Facebook.

And why is this so important?

First, because you will be able to easily generate social proof, and this is very important for your audience to take confidence and feel more attracted to visit your restaurant …

Have you seen how when a restaurant has all the tables occupied, everyone wants to go? And when it is empty, nobody is encouraged to be the first?

The same thing happens, if your post is full of comments, everyone will want to participate and you will get more visibility and eventually more clients.

But it can still be better … if you remember, we said that it is important for this post to be “in Video” and the reason is that in addition to generating many interactions, you can measure the percentage (%) of the video that people watched.

And that information is Pure Gold! … Why?

Because Facebook allows you to build a “personalized audience” and then show ads to those people, for example:Let’s suppose that your video had 5,000 impressions and you can see that of those people there are 700 who saw more than 70% of the video, then you will know that these people are very interested in knowing more …

Here you can see how that looks in one of our customer accounts:

Campaign 3: “Retargeting” on Youtube

As we discussed in the previous point, all ad platforms (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) allow you to measure who is interacting with your ads and create audiences to then show them more relevant ads …

This technique is called Remarketing or Retargeting …

This is a fabulous resource to keep you in the minds of your potential customers … have you seen how when you visit a travel site like or then their ads appear everywhere?

That’s effectively Remarketing … And now can you use it, too?

Imagine that you make ads on Facebook or Google and start building the list of people who have interacted with them … then you record a simple video with your phone showing your restaurant and upload it to YouTube …

So now you create a Remarketing campaign with that video on Youtube and it starts to show only to people who interacted with your previous ads … the results will be great, but here comes the interesting part…

Did you know that YouTube ads are shown a lot on Television?

Every day more people use the Youtube app to listen to music and watch videos daily, and your ad will be present and your Restaurant will be on the TV of your potential customers!

And you want to know something funny?

Many businesses and even many restaurants play Youtube videos in their businesses … can you imagine that your ad appears inside a competitor’s Restaurant? Believe me … I’ve seen it firsthand and it’s really fun!

Campaign 4: Ads on Twitter-Hashtags of Massive Events

It was recently at the Lollapalooza 2018 event in Chile and logically people were “tweeting” with the official hashtag of the event …

This is a perfect opportunity to announce to these people something like … “Leaving the Lollapalooza? We’re waiting for you with some delicious pizzas “… accompanied by one of those irresistible photos of pizzas with lots of cheese!

Twitter is a platform that businesses are still not taking much advantage of, and the potential is great, we’ve used this particular technique successfully hundreds of times, try it and tell us!


These 4 campaigns are very effective and economical to implement, and if you need more help, we will be happy to talk with you

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